Winter Foods - Beer Ice Cream, Floats, and Slushies

For some reason, San Francisco's spring season is actually more of a winter. For most ice cream enthusiasts around the US, this would be the time to try out that new gelateria in town or some new trend like Taiwanese snow ice cream. Fortunately, I believe ice cream is edible in any season - even winter! So grab your blankets and curl up next to the fireside with one of these innovative ice cream creations.

Go Local

Thankfully, makers like Humphry Slocombe - a San Francisco small-batch ice cream brand - are on top of their seasons, and about to unveil some exciting flavors for Spring 2017. Give the Salted Caramel Cocoa Nib a pair it with a nice Belgian strong ale or Stout/Porter combination. See my previous post on pairings for more info!

Make a Beer Float

Lee Breslouer of Thrillist makes a great recommendation on the perfect beer float. Stout gelatos, Kriek sorbets, IPA sorbettos (Italian), and much more! My favorite might be the Imperial Stout + coffee gelato (or ice cream) simply because it fits my "SF winter" mood. 

"Coffee is a flavor profile naturally found in imperial stouts. So it's no surprise that the first combination that jumps out at me is clearly obvious, yet undeniably delicious." - Thrillist

DIY Beer ice cream

If you’re intrigued by the thought of beer and ice cream together, you might consider making your own ice cream with beer as the main flavor.  Is it possible? Anything is possible. And it's not that hard, as said by Victoria Johnson from AWL. She shows a recipe and steps she took from LA Times. What could possibly go wrong?

Buy a Frozen Beer Slushie machine

Kirin Ichiban, the infamous Japanese brewery, has created a frozen beer slushie machine as part of a recent trend on "cold" beers (possibly marketing campaign) to enhance your drinking experience. First appearing in 2012, they were huge hits when served during beer garden events around Tokyo, so why not have you create your own? The sky's the limit with this one. You can have your very own slushie machine for (Kirin Frozen Beer Maker) ~$35.



Justin Tung

San Francisco, CA,

Justin Tung is a San Francisco resident, amateur homebrewer, and big beer lover. Often traveling for work grew a natural habit - an obsession - with exploring new regions and beers. The best way to understand a locality? Hang with a local and buy them a beer, hear their stories and the rest is history. This is the golden age of beer revolution and innovation. Fortune rewards the brave.